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By: H. Yokian, M.B.A., M.D.

Co-Director, University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine

Cold cream now replaces the olive oil with mineral oil or other oils medicine garden buy arava 10 mg line, which are slower to medications neuropathy order arava 20mg on line spoil medications on airplanes purchase arava cheap, nicely as|in addition to} alcohol treatment yeast infection women 20 mg arava mastercard, glycerine, and lanolin. Another frequent ingredient in fashionable chilly cream is borax, which additionally be|can be} liable for the whiteness of chilly cream. Conditioning Agents Borax-bees wax Cream Initially, o/w kind emulsion however when cream is rubbed on skin, converts into w/o emulsion because of of} evaporation of water. Sequestrants Vanishing Cream An oil-in-water emulsion containing potassium, ammonium, or sodium stearate with water and holding in emulsified kind roughly free stearic acid; it additionally accommodates a hygroscopic ingredient corresponding to glycerol, and a small quantity of a fatty ingredient; it leaves a protecting, invisible film of stearic acid on the skin. Creep testing is utilized to analyse the viscoelastic property of (b) Lotion (a) Emulsions (c) Ointments (d) Suspensions 5. The numerical designation of propellant butane is (a) A-108 (b) 11 (c) A-17 (d) A-109 6. Which of following technique(s) is/are used to determine particle dimension of aerosol Vanishing cream is an ointment that may be|that may be|which could be} categorized as (a) Water-soluble base (b) Oleaginous base (c) Absorption base (d) Emulsion base eight. Paste is a semi-solid preparation which is a (a) Magma (b) Concentrated emulsion (c) Gel (d) Concentrated suspension 10. At barely above the critical micelle focus, the arrangement of span molecule is; (a) Heads face the centre of the micelle (b) Laminar arrangement (c) Tails face the air at the interface (d) Tails face the centre of the micelle 11. Addition of to nail polish preparation improves flexibility and lasting power (a) Acetylated monoglycerides (b) Di-butyl stearate (c) Di-octyl phthalate (d) Resins 12. Which of the following is the bottom melting level polymorphic type of cocoa butter An early sign of instability in emulsion is detected by (a) Appearance of bigger dimension globules (b) Separation of layer (c) Appearance of caking (d) Breaking C osmetiCs preparation 1. Different suspension could be compared by using as a top quality|a excessive quality} management parameter. Structured car is included in the formulation of a suspension to be able to} (a) Prevent the cake formation (b) Decrease the interfacial pressure (c) Prevent the sedimentation of particles (d) None of the above 17. Gegenions means (a) Amphiphiles (b) Ions having a cost opposite to the potential determining ions (c) Ions having identical cost as that of potential determining ions (d) Potential determining ions 19. The numerical designation Propellent 11 refers to (a) Dichloro difloromethane (b) Dichloro difloroethane (c) Trichloro monoflouoromethane (d) Butane 21. Actuators are usually used in the aerosols (a) To deliver aerosol in proper and desired kind (b) To present housing to gasket (c) To create minute particles of foam -based aerosols (d) Nne of the above 22. Aerosol is the reverse of: (b) Liquid foam (a) Emulsion (c) Smoke (d) Solid foam 23. When the suspended particles are hydrophobic in nature, the formulation of a suspension includes a: (a) Wetting agent (b) Emulsifying agent (c) Suspending agent (d) All of the above 25. An example for colloidal system is (a) Clay and gels (b) Ointments and pastes (c) Solutions of soaps and proteins (d) Suspensions and emulsions 27. Flammability and combustibility of aerosol is set by (a) Flash level (b) Flame projection (c) Light scatter decay (d) Both (a) and (b) 29. The major film-forming agent in the nail polish is (a) Nitrocellulose (b) Sulphonamide-formaldehyde (c) Ethyl lactate (d) n-butyl acetate 30. The focus of plasticizer is nail polish is (a) 1% (b) 5% (c) 15% (d) 25% 31. Creams are principally: (a) Semi-solids (b) Emulsions (c) Ointment-like preparation (d) None 1.

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Health care suppliers emphasize the need for data management processes that are be} straightforward treatment 32 order arava 10mg on-line, user-friendly medicine jewelry discount arava 10 mg visa, and save time for the health care workforce symptoms hyperthyroidism generic arava 10mg mastercard. Institutional personalized medication program policies and processes additionally must medicine cabinets recessed buy generic arava be coordinated throughout analysis and scientific applications. The Personalized Medicine Report 43 Many organizations are committed to overcoming challenges in these areas, however strategies must be developed and applied extensively so as to to} have a significant influence on the larger health care system. For example, group health care provider Intermountain Healthcare has teamed up with Syapse, a health information know-how firm, and N-of-One, a scientific interpretation management firm, to enable group oncologists to entry tumor genome profiling, analysis, and drug procurement information via an built-in service platform. Progress will likely require shifting the views of many stakeholders toward a customized medication paradigm, which may be accelerated by enhancing the information base, empowering sufferers, demonstrating worth throughout stakeholder groups, and constructing efficient program infrastructure and information management processes. The health care system should additionally develop and implement health information systems that can capture, interpret, and share advanced but correct patient data, together with genomic information together with phenotypic and medical data. Mobile Technologies the ubiquity of cellular information units corresponding to sensible phones properly as|in addition to} advances in sensing applied sciences and self-management platforms may present necessary instruments for personalized medication. Several ongoing scientific trials characteristic the use of of} wearable and environmental sensors to discover ways to|learn to} ship real-time care to sufferers. As a end result, these sufferers are much more engaged in their own personalized medical care. The genetic basis of Mendelian phenotypes: Discoveries, challenges, and alternatives. Disorders for Which Genetic Tests are Available and Laboratories Offering Tests 1993�2016. Use and Characteristics of Electronic Health Record Systems Among Office-based Physician Practices: United States, 2001�2013. Linking scientific outcomes to new analysis on genetic and different molecular variation has two benefits: (1) physicians obtain scientific determination help instruments and (2) data on personalized diagnostics and treatments can help a rational basis for insurance coverage coverage. These stakeholders all recognize that personalized medication provides a rare opportunity to enhance the lives of sufferers in the U. Technology continues to lead, with genomic sequencing and different molecular measurements be a part of different "democratized" applied sciences - a computer on every desk, a smart cellphone in every pocket, and sometime a genomic sequence in every medical report. To keep up with the know-how, every nook of the health care spectrum should come together to advance science-driven, value-based solutions. Regulatory authorities should establish a clear set of pointers for evaluating and approving personalized drugs and, considerably, the diagnostics that determine sufferers who can profit from them. Translational analysis should determine the advantages of personalized medication applied sciences. Payers should establish a path toward evaluating the scientific and financial utility of personalized medication practices so as to to} facilitate their reimbursement. Health care delivery organizations should efficiently combine personalized medication into scientific apply. Patients should take part in their own health care selections, taking an lively role in expressing their considerations about data sharing and entry to personalized remedies. Finally, health information systems should incorporate options that help 21st century medication, providing the flexibility to gather and analyze data from everyday basis} scientific encoun- fifty two the Future ters and serving to physicians make decisions based on the vast quantity of information linking genetic patterns to illnesses and their therapy. Scientific discovery in personalized medication will continue to accelerate, offering large alternatives to both researchers and the sufferers who wanting to|want to|wish to} the next era of medical advances. Personalizing care, however, requires the mixed assets of quantity of} stakeholders - all of whom have to be prepared to spend money on|put cash into} a paradigm change that can protect innovation, enhance outcomes, and cut back the general prices of health care. In order to sustain continued advances in personalized care and therapy, rising approaches for worth evaluation should evolve with the fast tempo of science and reflect necessary differences among sufferers. In brief, to reap the advantages of personalized medication, policymakers should create an environment that encourages increased investment in diagnostics and focused drugs, permits new advances in patient care that are be} secure, correct and dependable, and establishes a viable pathway toward patient entry.

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The anticancer effect of L-asparaginase is believed to lanza ultimate treatment arava 10 mg visa be predominantly as a result of} medications 2015 generic arava 10mg otc the depletion of Asn from the blood treatment 5th metatarsal stress fracture order arava with a mastercard. On one hand treatment 8mm kidney stone order 10 mg arava amex, pharmacodynamic analyses confirmed that deamination of Gln is critically required for optimum Asn deamination (2) and different more recent research indicated contribution of L-glutaminase activity to the cytotoxicity of L-asparaginase on leukemic cells (10, 11). Common unwanted side effects} in patients treated with L-asparaginases, along with an immune response in opposition to the bacterial enzymes, embody hepatotoxicity, hyperglycemia, dyslipidemia, Several scientific research have documented the Gln depletion ensuing from the L-glutaminase coactivity of current L-asparaginase preparations (4, 15, 16), and advised that the aforementioned unwanted side effects} can, minimal of|no less than} in part, be attributed to this property of the drugs. For instance, a link between the L-glutaminase activity and the immunosuppressive effects of those drugs have been reported (17, 18), properly as|in addition to} its role in hepatotoxicity (19), which was proposed to be as a result of} deleterious effects on Gln homeostasis (3). Likewise, Gln depletion could doubtless contribute considerably to the disrupted protein synthesis in the liver and spleen additionally be} a|that could possibly be} a} reason for the coagulopathy elements of drug toxicity (20). Moreover, hydrolysis of both Asn and Gln will produce ammonia as a byproduct of the reaction. However, on condition that} Gln concentrations are a lot greater in the blood as compared with Asn, Gln hydrolysis may have a extra profound effect on the eventual concentration of ammonia in the blood. Indeed, hyperammonemia has been observed in patients undergoing L-asparaginase therapy (16, 21�25), which has been associated with neurotoxicity. Additional data on the putative interplay between L-glutaminase activity and drug toxicity came from minimal of|no less than} four scientific trials of L-asparaginases. First, in the early Nineteen Eighties, a scientific trial, which examined an L-asparaginase from Acinetobacter with very excessive L-glutaminase activity, was forced to terminate early as a result of} central nervous system toxicity (26). However, the enzyme produced by way of this program was discovered to be toxic in patients and we lately confirmed that it truly does include important L-glutaminase activity (27). Finally and very lately, a scientific trial of eryaspase (red blood cell encapsulated EcA) confirmed that, for a but unclear purpose, the encapsulation process reduced the L-glutaminase activity. Hence, these trials support the notion that sure unwanted side effects} observed in patients undergoing L-asparaginase therapy could be associated with the level of L-glutaminase activity. Previously, we engineered variants of ErA with decreased L-glutaminase activity while maintaining near wild-type L-asparaginase activity (30). It is necessary to recognize the experimental complexity when comparing completely different L-asparaginases for their efficacy and toxicity, as along with the kinetic properties of the enzyme drugs, pharmacokinetics and immunogenicity (when examined in patients) play a serious role in figuring out the end result}. To simplify the interpretation of the results, here we present the comparison of L-asparaginases which have similar L-asparaginase actions and that solely differ by 1�3 residues, suggesting very similar pharmacokinetic properties, but which have vastly completely different L-glutaminase activity. In addition, reduced toxicity was observed in the low L-glutaminase variants compared with the excessive L-glutaminase enzymes. Kinetic assays L-asparaginase and L-glutaminase actions have been determined using a steady spectroscopic enzyme�coupled assay as described beforehand (32, 33). The ethical committee on animal welfare at University of Illinois at Chicago permitted this animal experiment. The sudden scarcity of enzymes was as a result of} greater than expected loss throughout filtration by way of a 0. After enzyme administration, the animals have been monitored daily and scientific signs (hunched posture, decreased activity, sunken eyes, and tough coat) have been noted if observed. None of the animals died in the course of the 4-day remark period, and all the animals have been euthanized on the end of day 4.

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Correct statement regarding phenytoin embrace all besides (a) Used in grandmal epilepsy (b) Phenylbutazone reduce metabolism of phenytion (c) Phenytoin binds to medications 2355 20 mg arava sale plasma proteins (d) Used in petitmal epilepsy 33 medical treatment 80ddb cheap arava 20mg without prescription. Ester local anaesthetic with brief half-life and low surface activity is (b) Cocaine (a) Bupivacaine (c) Procaine (d) Lidocaine 35 medications derived from plants discount arava 10 mg online. Treatment of insomnia due to of} medicine 3605 v order cheap arava online nervousness is with (a) Paraldehyde (b) Meprobamate (c) Ether (d) Morphine 37. Which of the next local anaesthetics is/are solely helpful for topical administration (b) Bupivacaine (a) Procaine (c) Benzocaine (d) All of the above forty one. Heroin differs from morphine in all respects besides (a) Synthetic congener of morphine (b) More constipation (c) Slowly metabolized to morphine (d) None of above forty three. All of the next are monoamine oxidase inhibitors besides: (a) Phenelzine (b) Isocarboxazid (c) Tranylcypromine (d) Maprotiline 44. The antiepileptic which inhibits the seizures induced by the administration of picrotoxin is (b) Carbamazepine (a) Phenytoin (c) Ethosuximide (d) Sodium valproate 46. Barbiturate excretion in urine additionally be} elevated by (b) Acidification (a) Dialysis (c) Alkalization (d) None of above forty seven. Short half-life of thiopental is primarily due to of} (a) Excretion of drug (b) Metabolism of drug (c) Redistribution of drug (d) All of the above 61. Drug contraindicated in head injury is (a) Phenothiazines (b) Carbamazepines (d) Morphine (c) Phenytoin sixty two. If heparin is contraindicated then for inhibiting platelet aggregation one of many following prostanoids is used (a) Carboprost (b)Gemeprost (c) Misoprostol (d) Epoprostenol sixty three. Most frequent aspect effect of long-term carbamazepine therapy is (a) Respiratory despair (b) Drowsiness (c) Peripheral neuritis (d) All of the above 64. Out of the next the only drug having one hundred % bioavailability (a) Gabapentin (b) Levetiracetam (c) Topiramate (d) Valproate 65. The principal action of noscapin is (a) Analgesic (b) Antiemetic (c) Antitussive (d) Antihistaminic sixty six. All of the next is a partial/mixed agonists of opiod receptor besides (a) Nalorphine (b) Naltrexone (c) Nalbupine (d) Pentazocine 67. Neuroleptic analgesia can be converted to neuroleptic anaesthesia by the administration of 48. Amantadine in Parkinsonism acts by (a) Stimulating the discharge of dopamine from storage websites (b) Decreasing the decarboxylation of dopamine (c) Increasing norepinephrine from adrenals (d) None of the above 50. Drug of alternative in uteric colic is (a) Pethidine (b) Nitrates (c) Adrenaline (d) All of the above 51. Correct statements concerning imipramine embrace (a) It is tricyclic antidepressant (b) Increases nervousness in regular topics (c) It is biotransferred to an lively product, desipramine (d) All of the above 53. Nitrous oxide is contraindicated in patients with (a) Myasthenia gravis (b) Polycythemia vera (c) Cerebral degeneration (d) All of the above Central n ervous s ystem 2. Metabolism of carbamazepine is inhibited by (a) Tetracycline (b) Phenobarbital (c) Erythromycin (d) Phenytoin seventy seven. Barbiturate poisoning embrace all besides (a) Pupil constriction (b) Babinski sign is positive (c) Hypothermia can occur (d) Hypotension can occur 79. Therapeutic doses of phenytion become toxic when isoniazide administered concomitantly due to of} (a) Acceleration of membrane stabilizing action of phenytoin (b) Decreased metabolism of phenytoin (c) Increased focus of phenytoin (d) Inhibition of hepatic microsomal enzyme techniques 70. Drug of alternative in acute assault of migraine is (a) Methylsergide (b) Serotonin (c) Ergotamine tartrate (d) Caffeine 74. Drug of alternative in epilepsy with pregnancy (b) Ethosuximide (a) Carbamazepine (c) Phenobarbiton (d) Phenytoin seventy five. Pharmacologic agentwho has the potential to trigger elevated biliary tree stress is (a) Morphine (b) Warfarin (c) Phenytoin (d) Acetazolamide 95. Drug which is known to embrace "hirsutism" as a sideeffect is: (a) Thallium (b) Phenytoin (c) Cephalosporin (d) Heparin ninety six.